Oct, 24 2011

Brilliant Girls Reviewed

This is a very escort agency in London escort agency website with lots to look at and a good selection of girls.  The presentation of the homepage is nice, although we’d ideally like to see the phone number not written in such a ridiculous font because it makes it hard for us old guys to read!

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Oct, 03 2011

Guide's Review on Tiara Agency

Firstly it’s important to understand before we overview this entire website that you don’t have to have a lot of girls on your site to be a successful escort agency.  Many sites have lots of girls on their site but they have no idea where the girls are or if indeed they are available to work or not; at least not until you phone them up to make an enquiry.

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Sep, 19 2011

New Escort Agency Blog Reviews

bunnies-escortslondonNew blog review of Bunnies of London escorts agency by Mystery Mike, read about his first impressions of this well established London agency , and don’t forget to check out over 40 escort agency reviews >> now on our blog. . and for Glasgow escorts visit Bunnies of Glasgow

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Tantric Massage London reviewed by the Guide

Everyone has heard of the famous tantric massage and this is one of the places in London that you’re supposed to be able to get a very good service.  The website looks pretty good, however it’s not as sensual looking as some massage places we’ve seen that offer tantric services; with something like tantric massage it’s often common to see darker pages and more mysterious and shadowy images etc; it’s all very enticing.  This one is just plain red, but we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover should we?

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Sep, 13 2011

Yab Yum Massage Review

The first thing that hits you about this website is the fact that the background image is of a nice pair of tits getting oiled up!  This is what we’re talking about, and you can tell the type of massage you’re going to get at Yab Yum by this; not only that, wait until you see their catch phrase on the home page: “Your stiffness…Our business”

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Sep, 12 2011

Closer Look at 150 Escorts

No, this isn’t the number of escorts on the site, this is the price of every single escort on there.  150 Escorts boasts that it supplies elite London escorts for a fraction of the price of other sites in the same league.  They genuinely do offer some of the best girls for the best prices in London.

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Aug, 23 2011

Guide's Review of Exotic Flowers Escorts

Exotic Flowers isn’t the most brilliant name to choose for a London escort agency, but it does have a marvellous specialism.  Exotic Flowers Escorts specialise in Brazilian girls, and they’ve got an awful lot of them on site for you to choose from. 

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Aug, 19 2011

"Where to Take Your London Escort"

rightYou’ll never be short of things to do in London. It’s such a huge city that there will always be somewhere you haven’t yet discovered, a new place to eat or an old pub hidden down an alley. Often, the problem is that you have too much choice! Men who don’t have much experience in taking out escorts in London sometimes struggle to know what to do. The good news is that there isn’t any particular protocol — as long as you behave like a gentleman, you can go anywhere you like. 

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Aug, 18 2011

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Aug, 16 2011

247APE Reviewed by the Guide


247 Ape is one of those new sites that show off exactly how good they are at designing and making you want hire a London escort.  In fact the website looks a little like the front cover of one of those lad’s mags like Nuts or Loaded or something like that; except the girls they have on this site are much hotter!

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